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Alarm Setting

General Alarm:

Two different Alarm tone for the bot: buzzer alarm and voice alarm. Please choose according to your preference, as shown below:

GM Whisper Alarm:

If you are not far from your computer while botting, please choose Sound Alarm when GM Whispers, however if you are AFK and not able to access computers when alarm is sounded, please choose Exit game when GM Whispers.

The function for Exit to Character Menu, do not exceed more than 10 minutes(the break your toon takes when whispered) when you are setting up for the game re- login feature.

Checked the boxes of other alarms in the Alarm setting in your own liking (Mimic suggest you to tick all available alarms)

Make sure that you add some whisper replies in order for the bot to recognize that you have been whispered when you replied the whisper, hence sounding the alarm