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Set up the Game

Menu -> Interface -> Action Bar, and set your WOW settings like picture above.

Click and Drag the toon's abilities to action bars. Any abilities that you require your toon to use, place it On the Bottom Left bar and Shift + 1.

Slot 1, Slot 2 for Right Bar is for Trinkets,

Slot 3 for Auto Attack (All Classes' Auto Attack, if not, the bot will not be able to use any other spells and abilitles),

Slot 4 for Hunter's Auto Shoot and Wand (place your wand here if your toon have one, if not leave it blank).

Slot 5 for the Icon of your pvp equipment.

Slot 6 for fishing rod,

Slot 7 for Bait, please leave blank if you donít have any bait.

(Slot 5 to Slot 7 is for the function of fishing when you are waiting for a bg)

Slot - for Land Mount.

Note: Druidís Balance Spec (eg: Moonfire, Insect Swarm, Wrath, Faerie Fire, Typhoon etc. ) needs to be placed on Shift + 5 or Shift + 6 ability bar, Do NOT place it on the bar that is switched automatically when druid is under Moonkin form, please refer to below picture: