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Loot setting:

When you set your loot latency please be noted, that the value here is second (s) and not microsecond (ms). Don’t put a number bigger than 10 in the latency field for obvious reasons.

And for the gathering setting, if you ticked all the options: Skinning, Herb mining and open treasure box, the WOWMimic bot will do automatically during patrol. Make sure you have these skills enabled on your charactor and the level is high enough to do so, or you will waste your own time.

Be warned; when you use Auto-destroy item function the WOWMimic bot will automatically destroy items in your bag accordingly. This means… if you set it to “Uncommon” it will destroy your hearthstone! If there is something you are sure you DO NOT want destroyed, feel free to type in the area labeled as below “Do NOT destroy the following items” and click the “Add” button to add them to the “DO NOT DESTROY” list.

Trade Skill Setup:

You would be able to use trading skill in Elite. However you are unable to stop the bot from using his trade until your materials are finished. For example, your toon has Jewelcrafting ability and you want to make Woven Copper Ring.

Open Up Spellbook and Abilities, Choose JewelCrafting, and then Woven Copper Ring.

Copy the item you want to create (e.g: Woven Cooper Ring) into the bot layout under Trade Skill Setup.

Next, drag the Jewelcrafting icon onto shift+5 slot =. (Or any trade skill you are using at the time)