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Path Setting

In the path setting area, you can select 4 different type of fighting styles in “Patrol for monsters using path”, each style are: 2-way paths, As circled in the display picture below.

There is an option for a Circular path, Fishing and Random. Please be noted, when you are recording a path for fishing you to make sure the character is facing the water at the end. Or it will not fish.

Be aware of how Mimic works. It will go from one point to another in a STRAIGHT line... no matter where that point is. If that point is around the corner, down a ditch, upside down in the center of Azeroth... it's going to turn in that direction and start walking there. So try to keep as many straight lines as you can.

To town path: Inn-Mailbox-Repair Npc(Sell/Buy Npc)-Town Entrance-

To town path/(flight): Town Entrance(the end spot of the to town path)-the grinding place

Combat Path : Start recording at where the end of the to town path and lead your toon to where the mobs are. Always remember to walk a nice, straight line so the bot will not be confused.

Revive path: Your character has to be dead to record a reviving path. Only start to record when you click to resurrect button and you can stop recording when you reached graveyard. You do not have to go back to retrieve your body.

Return town with Hearthstone: Hearthstone return you to innkeeper, you need to record a path that return your toon to vendor and sell/buy/repair. This is where you start recording from the inn, to where the vendor is.

Place hearthstone on shift + 2 , slot 9

If you have completed and understand this section, please move on to “Grind Setting” area below.


1. If you want to use the function of switching path automatically, please mark the option , then you should enter the stuff as below; choose one of the condition(either time or level) to switch the path. After filling in the paths for the 1st config file, add the name of vendor NPC and choose the linking path from the 1st path to 2nd one. Then click

2.Please see below pic to see how to record the linking path,