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In Game Setting:

1) Supply item:

Some in game item/skill has to be placed in specific action bar a slot to let WOWMimic bot use it properly. We have list pictures to show you in detail.

HP potion has to set in 5th slot of action bar 2, MP potion need put in 6th, Souldstone and Manastone need put in 7th, pet food in 8th, Bandage in 0th, Food in and Drink in =.

2) Elemental Mote/Crystal:

WOWMimic can use / combine your elemental mote / crystal automatically if you put them in 3rd slot to 9th of action bar 3.

3) Trinkets:

In order to let you WOWMimic bot use the trinkets for you, you have to put them in 1st and 2nd of action bar.

4) Mount

To let your WOWMimic bot use mounts automatically, please put your land only mount in action bar 3 slot and flying mount in action bar 3 slot =.