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Q: What is Mimic?
A: Mimic is a third party program for MMOs such as World of Warcraft. It will help you level up, acquire gold and items, and fight in battlegrounds while you are away from your computer. This will save you a lot of time, and spare you the pain of excessive grinding. My team and I are very proud to bring you this software

Q: Is Mimic a hack?
A: No, Mimic is not a hack. Mimic will not help you do anything that you can't do normally. We do not hack, nor do we condone hacking in MMOs. We aim to make the game more enjoyable, not to break the game.

Q: Which country is Mimic from?
A: Our team is spread all over the world, and we do not confine ourselves to a single country or a single government. Our core programmers are mostly Chinese, so please excuse us for the improper English from time to time.

Q: How do I buy Mimic? How much does it cost?
A:Click here to access the Buy page, and you will see our current prices. Please register on our website before buying. Registering will make customer support a lot easier both for you and for us
If you wish to buy a large amount of Key Codes, please contact us via mail (, and we can work out a deal.

Q: How often is Mimic updated?
A: On average, Mimic is updated weekly. Our team is on alert at all times, and our programmers all work 8 hours a day. We respond to any major issues immediately, and in case of game patches, we are able to update our Bot within 24 hours.

When our programmers are not busy with this, they continue to work to bring you new features and brand new bots.
We also always maintain multiple version of Mimic, so if the most recent version does not suit you (we can't beta test every possible situation), you can always use an older version until the problem has been solved.

Q: What are the System Requirements for Mimic?
A: We currently support the following OS:
         Windows XP
         Vista 32 Bit
         Vista 64 Bit (yes, we support this!)
         Windows 7 32 bit
         Windows 7 64 bit
         No Mac OS support
As long as you can run WOW on the above systems, you will be able to run Mimic. Naturally, you will be able to run more copies of WOW and Mimic on a better computer.

Q:What anti-detection does Mimic provide?
A:Our team makes sure that Mimic always has the latest anti-detection programming. We are constantly tinkering with Warden, monitoring its actions, and finding out how to outsmart it. We can not explain to you how we achieve this, because this has to be a secret in order to work. But rest assured, because Mimic operates only on the client side, we can always find a way to avoid detection.

Q:Why are there so few questions in this FAQ?
A:This FAQ is a work in progress, and we will keep adding more information.

Got a question? Contact us via mail (, or post on our forums.

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